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Santa Barbara Engagement - Ellwood Bluffs

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When I first met Curtis and Nikki a few weeks ago, we instantly clicked! They were best buds with one of my other 2011 brides and knew right off the bat that they wanted to hire me for their wedding! I can't wait for their fall wedding which is taking place at the beautiful Santa Margarita Ranch.

A couple days before we met, Nikki got offered a job in Arizona, so we only had a couple days to plan out an engagement session for them.

The flowers in Santa Barbara started blooming much earlier than normal this season, so I thought it would perfect to find a location that showed off the gorgeous yellow flowers (which I think might be considered a weed, but who cares, they still look great in photographs!) and I also wanted them to get a few beach shots since they were moving to AZ.

One of my favorite spots has always been the Ellwood Bluffs. Not only because my husband proposed to me in this spot 4-5 years ago, but because there are just so many different looks you can get from this one place.

Is this not the cutest little pup you've ever seen!?

Seriously...how gorgeous are these two together!!!?

Nikki's eyes are out of this world!

Ahhhh - I love fields of wildflowers!!! If you live in Santa Barbara, you know these don't exist everywhere. Amongst the miles of bluffs, there was just this small patch, but I was able to make it look like they were all around us :)

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