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Isla Vista Engagement Session - Nick & Rebecca

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I just want to start out by saying... This was by far one of the most entertaining photoshoots I have ever had! Nick & Rebecca met in Isla Vista about 7 years ago and although they now live down in Newport Beach and are getting married in Mexico, they really wanted to have their engagement session where they met and fell in love...

To be honest, I kinda felt like a rockstar roaming the streets surrounded by college kids with my big professional lens/camera in hand. We were asked by a homeless man to take a photo, we were taunted by drunk party goers in their front yards playing beer pong, we were mooned by an entire ocean front party...the list goes on and on!

The best thing I heard yelled at us was "IV relationships never last longer than 3 months! You will be broken up by the time your photos are developed!" Haha! Little did they know the story behind these two :)

I met Rebecca back when I was going to school and we both worked at Goleta Valley Athletic Club. It was fun getting back in touch with her after all of these years and experiencing a mild dose of what I use to live with for 4 years while I lived in Isla Vista so many years ago. (I still can't believe I lasted that long there!)

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