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Nina's Perfect Day at the Zoo!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A couple weeks ago I found out through a friend about another sweet little girl in town that got diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Nina was 1-2 weeks shy of starting her first day of Kindergarten when she found out. I spent the next hour reading through Nina's Mother's blog describing what they were all going through. My heart sank as I sat there in tears reading about a family that I didn't even know. All I could think about was how heartbreaking this must be and how they will be cherishing every moment they have with their sweet little Nina. Besides my prayers, I had nothing to offer to this family except the one gift I was given that could hopefully bring some bright smiles to their faces at such a rough time in their lives. I instantly sent an email to the contact listed on their blog. I offered a photoshoot to the family...

As it turned out, they were actually planning a big party for Nina with all of her family & friends. This would be a perfect chance for me to get some wonderful photographs for the family! This was an opportunity for everyone to get together and just have a wonderful time - And that they did! Over 300 people showed up to the zoo for Nina that day. There was yummy treats, games, face painting and lots of hugs going around. I have never been surrounded by so many happy smiling faces before.

I was happy to be a part of this special day! If you'd like to see the slideshow highlighting the whole day, check it out here

To read more about Nina and her journey, please visit her Mother Rosy's blog: http://prayingfornina.blogspot.com/

And if this story has touched your heart, as it did mine, please visit here to see what you can do to help: http://friendsofthefredeens.blogspot.com

The beautiful Fredeen Family

Nina was so excited to see one of her best friends

These big hugs just melted my heart!

I love this next series of photos. This little one was so determined to get the frog into the lily pad :)

How sweet that the fox started to lick Nina!

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Crystal said...

You captured the love that filled that day so beautifully! Thank you!

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