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Teton Wedding Sneak Peek - Cait & Shawn

Monday, August 23, 2010

I still have so many photos to go through from my amazing trip to the Tetons in Wyoming, but I just wanted to share a few of my favorites from Cait & Shawn's wedding!

How breathtaking is this ceremony site!?

This might just be one of my favorites! We found this old outhouse in the middle of nowhere and we HAD to take a photo in it! :)

If you've never been out to Jackson Hole before, it is quite the scene for Buffalo (I guess these are actually Bison, but I like Buffalo better) Almost daily I would get caught driving through a heard of 100 buffalo just making their way through the road or open fields. After the wedding, Cait, Shawn and I were on a buffalo mission to try to get some photos with them in the background. Although it seems fun, you really need to be careful because they can charge you at any moment. When we saw a herd, we would park the car and leave all of our doors open with the car running. We would run out for a few shots and then jump back in the car.

I got this shot from my car window. There's no way I was getting out of the car to get this one so close!

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