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Santa Cruz Wedding - Jennifer & Kyle

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So I have to apologize that it has officially been one whole month since I last posted anything on my blog! In my defense, we just went through a big move to a new house and I have been swamped trying to get everything organized. Also, now that we live in an actual house, we finally have room for out of town guests and we've had them every weekend since we moved in. I have been enjoying all of the much needed quality time with my closest family & friends. And just because I haven't posted anything in a month, does not mean I haven't been super busy shooting! I have a TON to post, but will have to get to it when I can.

Anyways, on to Jen & Kyle's beautiful wedding...
This wedding was special for me because my wonderful sister who has been volunteering in Ecuador for the last year, cut her trip a month or so short, just so she could be a bridesmaid in Jen's wedding. So one day after my sister returned from her trip, we made the drive to Santa Cruz for Jen's wedding. It was an amazingly gorgeous day - not only with the weather, but everything Jen put together for her big day. I LOVED the color of the bridesmaid dresses and her hot pink shoes!

I also wanted to thank my 2nd photographer, Stephen Dela Cruz for helping me out. He is always my go-to guy when I have a Santa Cruz wedding! He got a couple of the cool shots posted below.

I have a ton of gorgeous photos to share, so I will let the photos do all the talking...

Their wedding took place at the beautiful Seascape Golf Club in Aptos.

Here's Kyle's adorable little girl giggling as Jen puts on her wedding dress

Here's my fabulous sister helping with the finishing touches of the dress

Work it Jen!!!

I asked my 2nd shooter Stephen to get this shot for me while I finished up with Jen & Kyle

I just adore this shot Stephen got for me. I love it mostly because my sister is radiating from her big beautiful smile, but also because it shows just how similar Jen & her little sister look, just like my sister and I do too :)

I have to give credit to Jen & Kyle for this shot! They were the ones that had the idea and I was definitely down for it. So fun!

LOVE the shoes! Jen is a smart girl and brought along these awesome shoes just for photos. She wore comfy shoes the rest of the day.

Those crazy Branham High teachers sure know how to party!!!

I was out on the golf course trying to get the last shot of this post and this cute couple was having a nice romantic moment on the balcony.

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