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Santa Barbara Engagement - Stefanie & Nate

Sunday, May 23, 2010

These two were total troopers! We arrived at our first location for pictures and it turned out there were 2 weddings taking place, so we had to think fast and change spots. The closest alternate spot was the Douglas Preserve. (which was definitely fine with me since it's one of my favorites) I mentioned to Stefanie that she might want to bring some alternate shoes to walk in and then put her hot red heels on when we take the photos. She opted to wear the heels the whole time! Let me just say... if you've never been there before, we probably walked almost a mile through dirt, plants, and pot holes and she never even slowed down or stumbled. This girl rocks!

Then the other obstacle we faced was the incredible winds that just kept getting worse. It didn't faze Stefanie & Nate. They just came prepared and brought some fun pinwheels, bubbles and a kite. Unfortunately it was just way too windy for the kite, but I'm so happy with how the photos turned out because you can barely even tell there were almost hurricane winds blowing the whole time!

I am so excited for their wedding at the Firestone Vineyard in a couple months. I already know it's going to be a super fun day! :)


Mark Gove said...

Beautiful Work Kacie!

Lisa Kretschmann said...

Simply beautiful!!

Tiana said...

That picture with the sun behind them is STUNNING!

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