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Rock Creek Lodge - Mammoth Lakes

Monday, March 8, 2010

My husband and I, along with our little girl, just got back from the most amazing long weekend in the snow! Our good friends own a wonderful lodge (Rock Creek Lodge) up near Mammoth and we stayed there for 4 days. We experienced a lot of firsts together as a family and made some wonderful memories together...

The fun part about the lodge is that you have to park at the bottom of the mountain and ride a snow mobile up to the cabins. It was 8pm by the time we got there so it was already dark. The air was cold and the sky was clear, except for the bright shining stars. We packed in all of our bags and bundled up Camille. Jason drove the snow mobile while Camille and I snuggled up closely behind him enjoying the fun ride. This was the start of our fun weekend full of adventures...

The best part about the lodge is that there is absolutely NO cell service, TV's, radio etc... You just have to rely on the company of your friends and family and your own thoughts to keep yourself entertained while you're there. It was wonderful!

The staff at the lodge were wonderful and were even extra accommodating to me and my food allergies. They have a set menu and meals at the same time everyday, but they went out of their way to make me dairy/egg free meals. I was blown away by how tasty everything was. I had to keep double checking with them to make sure there really wasn't any dairy in my meals because it all tasted so yummy!

We took lots of naps together and Camille was extra cuddly, which was such a treat for us. We were in bed by 9pm every night and the only noise we heard was the fire burning that was also keeping our cabin warm all night long.

The last two days we were there it snowed non-stop. We bundled up the kiddos and went cross country skiing (which both Jason and I had never done before). Our friends have a cool sled that you can put the kids in and pull them behind you while you ski. Camille was having so much fun that she fell fast asleep within the first 15 minutes we were out in the snow.

So if you're in need of a little getaway with extreme relaxation, you have got to check out the Rock Creek Lodge! I've also heard it's even more beautiful during the summer months!

Here are a ton of pictures highlighting our trip and the family portraits I did for the owners of the lodge...

Did I mention that just about EVERYTHING they put on the table is homemade! YUMMY!!!

I love how intimate the meals are. There are a bunch of long tables with benches and
you may be sitting next to a complete stranger. Everyone sits around and talks about their
adventures for the day and what's next to come...

You don't need to be staying in one of the cabins to dine there. This one night they transported close to 40 people up to the lodge just for dinner.

Here are some of the cabins

This was our little cabin. Although it looks small from the outside, it was actually quite roomy on the inside and could have slept up to 6 people.

One of the highlights of the trips was when we went cross country skiing with the kids. Claudia and Bob own a little sled that you can attach to your hips and ski with. We put the kids side-by-side in there and took off.

They had a blast!

Although Camille doesn't seem to be smiling in most of the pictures, she really did have a wonderful time and loved the snow!

This may be one of my all time favorite photos of my two loves!

She looks like a little snowboarder chick here :)

Here's Camille with her boyfriend Bo. They were so cute together all weekend!

The Tanner Family!

I quickly learned that Bo loves taking pictures and smiling for the camera!

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