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Family Portraits - Santa Barbara Courthouse

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The courthouse has always been a favorite location of mine. Like I've always mentioned before in previous posts, the lighting is absolutely gorgeous no matter what time of day you go there!

I just loved photographing this family! Alyssa was a bridesmaid in one of my weddings last year and wanted to surprise her parents with a photoshoot for Christmas. They were such a sweet family and you can just tell by their pictures how close of a bond they have for each other. It made me want to go home and give my parents a big ol' hug :)

Look at these two beautiful women! They look like models with the wind blowing in their hair!

She is just the cutest thing, isn't she!?

I had another set of siblings that wanted to surprise their family with photos of them all together since they're rarely all in one place now that they're all grown up. I had so much fun with them. They were so funny together and you could tell it must have been a pretty lively household to grow up in.

My last shoot at the courthouse was this cute little family. This little munchkin really put me to work! She was not excited about getting her photo taken and I had to pull out all the tricks in my bag to even get her in front of my camera. Good thing they were prepared and had a friend bring along their dog.

How sweet are these pictures with her Grandma...

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