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Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet Camille!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

One year ago today (yesterday) you entered our world and we are forever changed. You have taught us how to truly love with every little piece of our heart and how to give a million little kisses and never want to stop...

You may not know it, but we often stand over your crib while you are fast asleep dreaming. We are either smiling just knowing that you are ours, or we are quietly giggling to each other because of the silly way you fell asleep.

We love that you have made us into kids again... We go to the zoo, we swing high in the sky on the swings, we make shampoo mohawks in the bath, we sing songs while we do every little thing, we have daily dance parties in the livingroom, and we're just plain ol' goofy all day long :)

We have had so much fun watching you grow over the last 12 months. Each and every day you continue to amaze us with what you can do and how quickly you pick things up. Although this year has flown by, we can't wait to see what this next year of adventures brings us.

Please don't ever change with your adventurous attitude, your excitement for new things and your confidence in doing anything no matter how many times it takes...

We love you!!!

Mama & Papa

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