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BEST logo designer EVER! - Leslie Lewis Sigler

Thursday, January 7, 2010

One thing I have learned about myself over the last few years is that I am a TOTAL control freak! I would rather struggle and do something myself, then have someone else do it for me in half the time. I finally realized that I have been "struggling" with designing my own new logo for the last 5 years. I just couldn't bring myself to hire someone to do something I felt I could do myself.

Would I be able to articulate to a designer the vision I had inside my head? Do I even know what I want for my logo? Can I trust them to do a good job? What if I don't like what they come up with and then I'm out a ton of money? These were some of the fears I had running through my head, which lead me to putting this process off for many years. That is... until I met Leslie Lewis Sigler!

Leslie takes my Body Boot Camp class that I teach down by the beach 3 times a week. I had gotten to know her over the last few months and felt I was emotionally ready to give up this part of my business to her. I was still very nervous the first time we met at Starbucks to go over what my vision was. I brought along a few samples of things I liked and what I was currently using for my marketing materials. She asked me a few questions and that was it! "Could it really be that simple?" I thought to myself. Shortly after, she sent me a few designs and it was then that I finally exhaled. I LOVED what she showed me for my new possible logo. We did a few tweaks to one of the designs and that was it! Why didn't I do this years ago!?

I was so excited about how great she was that it lead me to come up with more and more things I wanted her to design for me. All in all, she has now designed a new logo, letterhead, business cards and a fabulous gift certificate for my photography business. We still have one more project we're working on that I'm so excited for, but I couldn't wait any longer to share what she's done for me thus far!

In addition to identity design (www.leslie-lewis.com) she has a custom design invitation business called Lilly Louise (www.lilly-loiuse.com) featuring custom designed wedding invitations, baby announcements and any other event you can dream up...

If you are struggling with a what to get a family member or really good friend for their Birthday, Baby Shower, or any other Holiday - why not get them something they can cherish forever! You will be a hit when you hand over this gorgeous gift certificate for a Free photoshoot for them!

***contact me at: info@kaciejean.com for details on how to give one of
these gorgeous certificates as a gift***

She also needed a few new headshots for her website and a cute photo for her holiday card, so I have to share those too. Isn't she just stunning!?

I think we're all a little jealous of her fabulous hair!

She asked that we do a totally candid shot of her and her husband with their dog for their holiday card. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather!


Amy Strecker said...

Leslie IS the best! Great pictures of her, Nathan and Peachy.

Kara said...

those gift certificates are incredible! I love the photos, nice work! Leslie is an all around wonder woman, with perfect hair to boot!

Susan said...

What marvelous photos. 'Sounds like your and Leslie's connecting has been a definite WIN-WIN.

Mica & John said...

What a great new logo and fantastic pictures!

Chelsea Nicole said...

Those are such awesome gift certificates! Also, love the photos and them with their pup and the reflections on the sand.

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