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Benefit Concert for baby Eliana!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Over two weeks ago, I got a heart wrenching text message at 3am from one of my clients. Her 4 1/2 month old had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor and was being flown to LA for more tests. It turns out that little Eliana had a cancerous brain tumor and would need surgery. My heart just broke because this could have been any one of our children.

Within a few days from the diagnosis, Eliana underwent brain surgery where they removed the tumor. She was scheduled for her chemo to start this Monday, but it turns out she has now come down with meningitis and they will need to postpone the chemo for another 3 weeks.

I knew her family would need all the help they could get, so I posted on Facebook that I needed ideas for some kind of charitable event to help raise money for Eliana & her family. Well... within 20 minutes and help from friends, I had a venue booked for a benefit concert that would take place in 2 weeks. I was bombarded with emails from people I didn't even know offering to help in any way they could. We even got a few bands/singer songwriters willing to play for the concert in honor of Eliana. It was amazing how quickly this wonderful community came together to help support this family.

I quickly realized that I had bitten off more then I could chew when it was time to put the event together and coordinate every little detail, (especially since I was right in the middle of my busy wedding season and had a teething 8 month old baby) so I was so grateful to have a few friends that took the event under their wing and took care of EVERYTHING! ~THANK YOU!~

The event started at 6pm and when I headed outside to start taking photos, I immediately choked up when I saw a huge line forming outside with people wearing the custom designed t-shirts made with Eliana's face on them. Everyone gladly handed over thier $10 donation to get in the door, and I even saw a few $100 bills and checks written in addition. Besides the $10 donation to get in the door, a bunch of fabulous prizes were raffled/auctioned off. So many of the businesses in town graciously donated their services or products for this event.

During the entire 3 1/2 hours the concert took place, it was completely packed with almost no room to walk. I was blown away by the enormous amount of love and support for little Eliana and her family. The exciting news is that since the start of this, just about $14,000 has been raised for them!!!

To view my slideshow from this event, click here: www.kaciejean.com/eliana

If you'd like to help out this loving family, or check up on Eliana's status, please check out the wonderful website made by multimedia barn for Eliana www.elianasofia.com

A HUGE thanks to Velvet Jones for hosting the event and to all the bands that played! The Little Heroes, Change, Santa Barbara City College Songwriters

Eliana's Aunt was the "MC" for the night and she did such a wonderful job. The best part of the night is when she called her brother (Eliana's Dad) and on the count of 3, we all yelled

Eliana's Grandma and Auntie

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