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Mike & Kara Are Engaged!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

For those of you that know Mike, we never thought this day would actually come! Mike and I have been good friends for probably 8 years now and I was so excited to hear he was finally ready to settle down with such a fabulous girl. I have not only been great friends with Mike over the years, but have pretty much been the "Osborn" family photographer for as long as I have been doing photography. It started out when I was going to Brooks and needed someone to model for me for my final projects. Mike's brother David, gladly volunteered and I took photos of him for the next few years. He is a fabulous musician and it was a nice trade since he got to use the photos for his CD covers and posters. Then a couple years went by and their younger sister Katie got engaged. I still had not photographed a wedding yet, but Mike had complete faith in me that I was the right one to do his sister's wedding. So off I went with my new found love of photographing weddings!

Mike and Kara are a gorgeous couple together and I can't wait to see them tie the knot!

This photo just makes me laugh!

LOVE Kara's eyes!!!

I read the caption to this photo out loud as I photographed it...
"No, I will never get married. I'm not coming down from this tree!"


Sublime Studios said...

These are great! Love the light!

Smith Gallery Photography said...

Kacie, these are INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL-- all of them... the one with the light coming through the tree takes my breath away.

shawnreeder said...

Absolutely Love these Kacie.

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