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Shelli and Scott are engaged!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to shoot Shelli and Scott's engagement pictures. It's always funny because I really only meet my clients once for about an hour before I shoot their engagement photos, so I don't always remember exactly what they look like. Well... I was floored when I saw Shelli hop out of Scott's truck in her cute little summer dress. She was STUNNING! As I was taking their photos, I couldn't get over how perfect they looked together!
(Thanks again to my assistant Angie for getting a couple of these shots)

To help relax the mood, I sometimes ask my couples to dance together and pretend I'm not there. Well, this was the first time a couple looked at each other and instead of grabbing one anothers hand, they started snapping their fingers and got down and boogied! I could not stop laughing! Luckily I was able to snap one picture of them before I burst out laughing.

Now they've got it!

Ok... I had to laugh when we took this picture! Scott had no trouble keeping the stoic stare, but there was no way we could get Shelli to keep a straight face.

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