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101 things in 1001 days!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So a bunch of photographers are doing this and I thought it would be fun to join in on the challenge. I am the master of great ideas, but not always the best at following through with them. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a dreamer :)

Below is a list of 101 things I would like to do (sorry... I mean I am GOING to do) within 1001 days! (they're not in any special order)

I will post on the blog each time I can cross something off the list.

1. Start a family (Officially started family when Camille was born on Feb 10th 2009)
2. Have dinner with my parents at least once a week (3/52)
3. Tell my husband I love him each and every day (I think I average about 5 times a day)
4. Go on a walk around the neighborhood after dinner at least 3 times a week with my hubby
5. Have date night at least twice a month where we actually dress up nice (not doing so well on this one now that we have Camille)
6. Send my grandma a nice card once a month to just let her know I’m thinking of her (done a few times, but not as much as I'd like!)
7. Designate one day a week to play board games with my hubby (NO TV)
8. Take at least one picture a day for a month straight (doesn’t matter what it is)
9. Enter photos in a print competition
10. Mentor a new photographer and help get their business up and running (I've helped numerous photographers in the last 2 years)
11. Do a “photobooth” for at least 3 weddings in 2008
12. Once a year, donate my wedding photography services to a very deserving couple who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise
13. Donate my portrait photography services to 3 school auctions a year (already have 4 donated)
14. Find the perfect pair of shoes for wedding photography
15. Buy 3 cute wedding photography outfits
16. Donate my photography services to the “Make A Wish Foundation”
17. Get an accountant (found her and my taxes are getting done right now!!!)
18. Shoot a destination wedding (August 2010 will be heading to the Grand Tetons Wyoming to shoot)
19. Have a complete line of marketing materials
20. Do a TTD “trash the dress” session
21. Find Knapps Castle and do a bridal or engagement shoot up there
22. Take a pictures of the city college football stadium at sunrise
23. Finish my own wedding album
24. Buy a 50mm macro 1.8 lens (got a f/1.2 instead)
25. Get large prints and large canvas’ for new office
26. Get some of my photographs published (Us Weekly, Santa Barbara Magazine, SB Independent, SB Newspress)
27. Second shoot with another photographer at a wedding (done!)
28. Market my “Senior Portrait” Photography
29. Master off-camera flash (still perfecting it)
30. Outsource my editing for weddings (done!)
31. Make 2 more sample albums (done!)
32. Figure out how to get my video camera to work with my computer
33. Attend a photography workshop
34. Search Santa Barbara for unique shooting locations or vibrant colored walls
35. Take cute pictures of my sister and her boyfriend (got pictures of my beautiful sister after she broke up with her boyfriend) :)
36. Update my blog at least once a week (so far so good)
37. Partner up with my graphic designer friend Danielle Siano to make custom albums, invitations and other artwork for clients (in the works)
38. Buy and learn to use Adobe Lightroom
39. Give disks & images to all the vendors I work with this year
40. Don’t run to the computer every time I hear the mail “ding” go off
41. Respond to emails right when I get them, unless I need to do some research, then I have 12 hours to respond
42. Keep my email inbox under 15 messages at all times.
43. Take my clients out to lunch or dinner at least once
44. Track the miles in my car (business vs. personal)
45. Keep all my business receipts organized and in one place
46. Get office space for my business (hope to move in on March 18th)
47. Get my office organized
48. Don’t work after husband gets home from work (unless he has work to do too)
49. Keep my computer desktop empty (only allowing up to 3 folders)
50. Invest $1,000 in the stock market
51. Actually pay my taxes quarterly
52. Get a joint bank account with my husband (done! 02/29/08)
53. Put money away each month for taxes
54. Start putting money away for retirement
55. Start paying off my photography school debt
56. Pay off my credit cards
57. Run an 8:30 minute mile again
58. Go surfing
59. Take a dance class with my husband
60. Participate in a 5-10k run
61. Once I get my office, ride my bike there at least 50% of the time
62. Try Standup Paddle Surfing
63. Take a yoga class
64. Eat a salad for at least one meal a day
65. Wake up for a 6am workout at least 3 days/week (decided 7am would be better!)
66. Take a kickboxing class
67. Make a menu for the upcoming week each Sunday for a month
68. Write in a journal every day for a month
69. Start a book and finish it within the same month!
70. Volunteer in my friend Sarah’s Kindergarten class at least twice a month
71. Buy a new car
72. Have a picnic at Nojoqui falls
73. Send out one of those silly “update letters” with my holiday cards
74. Volunteer for the Habitat for Humanity
75. Learn how to salsa
76. Join a book club (1st meeting on Monday March 10th)
77. Watch my friends bands play downtown at least once a month
78. Get a Santa Barbara Library card
79. Take a cooking class
80. Sell my secret recipe to my “Apple-Cinnamon-oatmeal-chocolate-chip-vegan cookies
81. Go to a professional sports game
82. Go to lunch with a friend at least once a week (3/52)
83. Have game night at least twice a month with friends
84. Go to karaoke night with friends and actually get up and sing
85. Keep my house clean for 1 month straight!
86. Fold my laundry each time I take it out of the dryer (for a month)
87. Cook each meal at home for an entire week
88. Make my bed every day for a month
89. Decorate our bedroom
90. Take a trip with just my sister
91. Go skiing in Mammoth
92. Visit my in-laws at least 4 times a year
93. Visit a state I’ve never been to
94. Take the train somewhere
95. Go camping in Yosemite
96. Visit central park in the fall
97. Go snowshoeing
98. Visit the state of Washington
99. Take a self defense class with Keri
100. Teach my fitness boot camp class one new exercises each day
101. Start posting on my personal training blog


Karen Mikols said...

Wow Kacie! I'm going to have to pilfer some of your ideas! I haven't been able to fill out the last 20-30 items on my own 101 in 1001....


Stephen said...

oooo... If you need someone to help you with # 12 on your list, I'm getting married on May 30, 2009. lol.

God bless.

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